Best Place To Get Makeup Done

Women can have their makeup done in several different promising places, luckily! It hasn’t always been that easy and versatile, but through time, many different makeup counters have opened worldwide and have brought better options for everyone!

If you are someone who lives in a bigger city, near popular malls and makeup shops, you are in luck! Best places for you to have a complete makeover are at the malls since they have way more to offer.

Also, there are some DIY methods mentioned later below which are very budget friendly. If you want to have a glammed up face, then keep on reading!

Why Should You Get Your Makeup Done?

If you want to have a beautiful outcome for any type of a special and formal event you should consider getting your makeup done. Sometimes, makeup counters are a lot better solution than the professional makeup artists.


Since makeup artists can charge an absolutely large amount of money. Makeup counters are all somewhat similar and close in price. Makeup experts will help you transform in an hour for your wedding, bridal shower, night out, date, or pretty much anything that you have got going on!

Top 10 Best Places To Have Your Makeup Done

girl makeup

1. Vensette

This place is one of the most versatile ones. Vensette offers hair and makeup services for anyone. The best part is that you can book your appointment by using their app.

Vensette also guarantees that they will be done in 45 minutes with you, no matter the look that you are going for. Very popular in the USA (only at the moment) but that may change in time.

2. MAC

An oldie but a goodie has always been MAC cosmetics. MAC is spread around the world and in over 100 countries. They are one of the most asked makeup counters for young girls, but also for fashion stars. MAC cosmetics has been used on movie sets and actors since its formula is very long-lasting.

If your country has MAC you are in luck since you can do your special makeup at their counter. Satisfaction is guaranteed with Mac, so you shouldn’t be worried.

3. Inglot

Inglot has been very talked about lately. The reason behind that is because the famous singer Jennifer Lopez collapsed with them and has made a huge and promising makeup line. Many women believe that Inglot is just the perfect mix of class and originality since their variety of products is overwhelming.

You can find Inglot in over 100 countries as well, which means that you can probably enjoy your makeup session at one of their stores.

4. The Glam App

This is an interesting concept if you are on a lookout for an easy solution. This app lets beauty professionals come to your door at your wanted period. It also lets you choose any type of service that you’ll be doing and tells you the price of every option. You can have your hair, nails, and makeup done- all at one place!

Right now this application is available in 28 different cities, which is not a lot, but it is still something. If you want to learn more about it you should download it and see if your city is listed. Also, you should go with this app if you don’t feel like walking out of your house and spending all of your time in traffic. It is a handy solution for those who are in a rush.

5. beGlammed

One more ”at home” type of an experience. Every girl can enjoy her prom, wedding, or birthday look with this service. BeGlammed is a set of professionals which can bring your wanted service to your home. These are a couple of experts which are trying their best to win you over.

At the moment they are available in 23 cities in America. You can have your wanted look at your own door, no reason to waste time and walk around trying to figure it out.

6. Priv

If you are someone who wants to get a little bit of a spray tan, get your nails done, have a decent massage, and to have your makeup done then Priv is the option for you! This app lets you book your appointment online anywhere near you. They are some sort of a navigation app which many might find helpful. It helps you narrow down your choice and tells you the prices of all the places which are nearby.

Priv is currently available only in New York, London, Austin and Los Angeles.

7. Ulta

Almost everyone has heard of Ulta by now. They are very popular in America since they carry a lot of different makeup. They have a lot of stations at their store, and each and every specialist will bring you something different. You can get your brows shaped, you can get facials, lash extensions or just your makeup done all at one store!

Ulta can be found only in America, but it may come overseas in time as well.

8. GlamSquad

You can book your appointment via this app. A set of beauty professionals will transform you and your face as well as hair in only one hour! These professionals will come to your house 7 days a week and are available either in Miami, Los Angeles, or New York. GlamSquad will make you feel special and at the comfort of your own home.

9. Blushington

Blushington is a place that everyone’s been loving. Their staff is really kind and knowledgeable. They can get your makeup done in an hour, but can also give you a full set of extensions, as well as face waxes! Blushington also serves some champagne as you come into their store and they treat you with care.

At the moment you can book your appointment in LA, New York, and Dallas.

10. Be Your Own Artist

In the end, if none of these options work out for you why not take things into your own hands? Doing your makeup on your own can be a solution if you don’t have any of promising makeup counters or artists around you.

All you need is the best makeup mirror that you can find, your own pile of makeup, and 2 hours of your spare time! You can also ask a friend to help you out and enjoy the fun makeup process together.