Best Facial Steamer

Finding the best home facial steamer can be challenging, but not if you know where to look. We’ve listed some of the best facial steamers in this article, and we’ve also explained their proper usage as well as their pros and cons.

If you want to learn why are these good for your skin then just keep on reading.

How Do Facial Steamers Work? 

Their functionality is not that complicated, believe it or not. Even ancient Greeks and Romans used steam for health reasons thousand of years ago.

Facial steamers worm up at a 43-degree temperature that can easily make your skin sweat. The sweating process helps your skin breathe and it opens up your pores, making all of the dirt come out.

How Are They Used?

These are mostly used at salons but they can be used at home as well. Many women think of this as an expensive splurge but that is not the case. In fact, you can achieve all of the splurging on your own at the privacy of your house, if you buy the right steamers.

Benefits of Face Streamers

Thanks to the warm humidity from the streamer you will experience proper blood circulation. By increasing your circulation you will sweat and waste toxins from your facial muscles. This means that your skin will achieve that healthy and wet looking glow.

How It’s Done

Your steamer shouldn’t be any closer to your face than 30 centimeters. If you go overboard some of your capillaries may break underneath your skin.

Make sure that your face is cleansed so that your pores can release any type of unwanted dirt on top. Apply some water to your steamer and lean your face over it for a couple of minutes.

This process shouldn’t take you too long to do and you shouldn’t do it more than once a week.Best Facial Steamer

Top 5 Best Facial Steamers

1. NanoSteamer – Best Home Facial Steamer

The NanoSteamer is one of the best home facial steamer options. In fact, it is America’s best seller since it features many innovative options, such as the nano ionic steam.

It generates nano ionic steam thanks to its sonic vaporizers. This combination penetrates the skin 10x better than other steamers.

This steamer is really high tech and you will get a 5 piece set if you purchase it. There are 5 different tools which can help you fight blemishes and blackheads. You will also get a 3 in 1 sort of a deal since you can use this steamer in order to warm up your bathroom towels or use it as a humidifier at your bedroom.

You can fill it up with 200 ml of water and let the steamer do its magic for the next 30 minutes. This is considered as a long run time since most of the steamers can’t last for more than 10 minutes.

If you want to extract every little thing on your face you can do it with 5 different types of additions. You will get 5 different types, such as an oval one, a needle, angled, flat wire and an eye hole. Learning how to use each and every one of these may be a bit complicated at first if you are a beginner.

The steamer needs to be plugged inside a wall in order to work. Once it runs out of the water it will automatically shut off.

It is quite big and measures around 10 x 6 x 6 inches. Weights around 2.6 pounds.NanoSteamer


  • Innovative ionic technology
  • Works 10x better than other steamers
  • Great 3 in 1 system
  • Helpful 5 different tools
  • Can last up to 30 minutes


  • 5 different additions may be too complicated for you if you are a beginner
In the end, you can see that it is an effective product. It has high tech options and is perfect for women who love dual purposes (steamer and a humidifier).

However, it can be a bit complicated to use if you are not that good at removing blackheads or extracting pimples on your own. It is one of the best at home options that you can go for, especially if you want to get ”the whole package”.

2. Okachi Gliya – Best Professional Facial Steamer

The Okachi steamer is the best professional facial steamer according to some beauty experts and estheticians. It is also one more steamer which performs on ionic technology.

Thanks to its nano ionic power this device can turn clean water into hot mist in a matter of seconds. The mist will penetrate your skin and leave it looking moisturized, healthy, and glowy.

If you end up buying this product you will get a 4 in 1 sort of a deal. This is a facial steamer which cleanses the skin, acts as a humidifier, and has a mirror. You will definitely enjoy it since it is a multipurpose product.

You can store 80 ml of water in this tank which will last you up to 15 minutes. This may seem a little, but it penetrates the skin super fast. This steamer says that it can remove dirt as well as impurities from your pores, makeup, and promote collagen regeneration. It can also weaken any pigmented spots and can suppress acne.

This steamer is made so well and with the help of double sided scratch resistant mirrors. This means that you can easily carry it around anywhere you go and enjoy it as a mirror and a steamer as well. It can even look nice when placed in your bedroom or bathroom.

It is practical thanks to its auto shut off option. The steamer will turn off on its own if the water tank runs out of the water.Okachi Gliya


  • Easy to use
  • Has practical LED lights
  • Has got mirrors
  • Looks very stylish and is sturdy
  • Automatic shut off


  • Can run only for 15 minutes
If you travel a lot and you love having spa days every now and then you will love this steamer since you can bring it with you. It is not too heavy or too big, and it is very practical thanks to its double-sided mirrors.

Has got an auto shut off feature and looks very stunning as an addition to your bedroom. However, if you are looking for longevity or if you want to have something that runs for longer than 15 minutes know that this is not it.

3. Ecvision Nano Ionic – Best Portable Facial Steamer

If you are on a lookout for the best portable facial steamer why not take Ecvision into consideration? It works wonders for all skin types and is highly recommended since it is petite and practical at the same time.

The nano ionic steam can penetrate your skin quick and easy. The results will be visible in only a few minutes. The ionic steam is becoming more and more popular and is perfect for dry skin.

You will get quite a lot, once you take the products price into consideration. The kit is consistent out of 5 different tools that can tame down the redness, pimples, acne, and remove unwanted blackheads. It has 5 different finishers/fingers which are all different in size and shape. These are perfect additions if you want to give yourself a proper spa treatment at home.

The tank can store 70 ml of water. This allows it to run for 12 minutes which may be a good option if you are a quick ”on the go” type of a person. 

The UV light of this steamer is super strong and can reach even the toughest angles of your skin. The heating element helps the light to penetrate the skin and improve your skins nutritional deficiencies.

You can enjoy this steamer up to 12 minutes. It doesn’t turn off on its own so you better keep your eye on it.

The steamer is very practical and weighs about 2 pounds.Ecvision Nano Ionic


  • Travel-friendly
  • Has got practical UV lights
  • Has got 5 different adjustment


  • Doesn’t turn off on its own
  • Runs for only 12 minutes
The Ecvision steamer is very powerful considering the fact that it is as affordable and easy to carry around. You can extract any unwanted impurities from your face thanks to its 5 different adjustments. This is great news if you are skilled in this field.

The steamer runs on 12 minutes and should be used by women who are in a hurry and who know how to work in shorter time frames. Also, if you are someone who is forgetful you may want to skip purchasing this steamer since it does not turn off on its own.

4. Kinga Nano Ionic – Best Facial Steamer for Acne

Kinga Ionic is the best facial steamer for acne. If you are someone who has got an oily or acne prone skin you are going to love this steamer and its features. Even if you are someone who is on a drier side, this steamer will work for you as well.

Thanks to its highly advanced nano ionic technology this device can create negative ionic particles. Once these get in touch with water the absorption will be 10x faster and more efficient. This means that your skin will melt away any dead skin cells.

You will get a steamer which can penetrate the pores deep and proper. It can unclog pores and remove dirt as well as any unwanted makeup. In your purchase this kit you will also get 5 different pieces that can help you remove any little issues.

It can be used for 8-10 minutes and not any longer. When it comes to its water storage, you can sip up to 20 cm of water in it, which is approximately 60 ml of water. This steamer works very fast and only takes 30 seconds to generate its full power.

This steamer can achieve a lot. You will love it as a makeup and dirt remover, as well as a toner. It has double duty purpose and can be used directly on your skin or as a steamer. It can also promote collagen regeneration and can soften your cuticles.

Make sure that you turn it off after your 8-minute session ends. The steamer doesn’t turn off on its own.

Very lightweight since the product is only about 2 pounds heavy. Its dimensions are 4.2 x 5.7 x 8.5 inches.Kinga Nano Ionic


  • Great for problematic skin
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Has 5 different adjustments
  • High tech ionic technology


  • Only runs for 8 minutes

This is a petite facial steamer that many women prefer since it is portable. It is also great for problematic skin and for those who are trying to extract pimples or blemishes on their own. You can do this all at home thanks to the 5 adjustments that you get in the kit.

However, make sure you do it carefully. Also, make sure that this steamer works for you since it runs for 8 minutes only. You won’t have a humidifier, just a quick and easy facial steamer. If you are on a lookout for some other purposes you may want to pass on this one.

5. Kingdombeauty – Best Facial Steamer Brand

This facial steamer is made by the best facial steamer brand in China. This is a highly talked about product that women of all ages love to use on their skin.  The brand has been around since 1999 and is a leading brand in China when it comes to the electrical products.

Another steamer that does wonders on all skin types thanks to its nano ionic power. It produces nano steam with its negative ionic particles. The steam comes out looking heavy and visible at first, perfect for at home pamper days.

This is a practical and easy to move around steamer and a humidifier. Thanks to its UV lamps it sterilizes steam so that you can enjoy its power in the safest and cleanest way.

This steamer has got a long run time and is very easy to fill up with water. You can sip 100 ml of water and leave it on for up to 22 minutes to work. It can also reach its full potential in only 30 seconds which is very fast for a steamer.

It can provide moisture and help soften the skin. Your skin will regenerate collagen and look a lot softer and smoother in time.

It features an automatic shut off option which will activate on its own if the water is dry.

It is very small and cute looking. Practical and easy to move around since it weighs less than 3 pounds.Kingdombeauty


  • Perfect for any skin type
  • Stores a lot of water
  • Can last to 22 minutes
  • Heats up quickly


  • None
This steamer is almost perfect. It features so many positive and innovative options and is perfect for your at home usage. Some may prefer a little bit bigger steamers, but other than that this one is great in any other way.

It can provide humidity and steam for up to 22 minutes and has got an auto shut off option. Also, it is really affordable and cute looking.

How To Use a Facial Steamer

If you’ve ever had this treatment done at the salon you probably know how it’s done. However, if you are someone who has never had this treatment you are at a right place.

You can learn how to use a facial steamer like a pro at your home just by following these simple 6 steps:

1. Prep The Skin

Clean skin is a must!

Make sure you remove any type of dirt, makeup or oil that you have on the face. Use your loved cleanser and a towel before you start steaming. You can also exfoliate your skin and use a scrub to remove some of the dead skin cells.  

2. Make Yourself Comfortable

Facial steamers have got a long tube where you can place your face. You will have to make yourself as comfortable if you want to enjoy the pampering moment. Fill the chamber with warm water and let it do its magic.

Every steamer will acquire a different amount of water so make sure you read your steamers instructions before you proceed.

3. Plug It In

Plug your steamer into an outlet. Give it some time to produce steam. Some steamers can reach their full potential in less than 30 seconds, while some take longer. However, most of these steamers have a sensor light which will tell you when your water is ready.

4. Place It

Place your face in the device as soon as you see the steam. Make sure that you are away from the steam at least 10-15 cm. Anything closer than this may burn your skin, so be careful. If you are a beginner you shouldn’t steam for more than 3 minutes.

Also, if your skin is easily irritated or sensitive don’t go overboard. Make sure you check yourself out in the mirror and only proceed if you are not getting irritated.

5. Towel

Your sessions shouldn’t take longer than 7 minutes. However, every person can tolerate steam differently. This means that it is up to you to decide how much time you want to spend under there.

Many beauty estheticians spend up to 5 minutes for the steaming. Once your process is over turn off the steamer and apply a towel over your face in order to dry your skin.

Make sure you pat and not rub, this way you will bring the dirt back into the skin.

6. Moisturize

Last but not least, apply your favorite facial cream on top. Since your skin is clean, exfoliated, and definitely hydrated, the cream will easily melt right in. Any type of a face product will sink into the skin super easily if the skin is moist. Damp skin soaks up the product better than dry, therefore hydration is a must in the end.

How To Clean a Facial Steamer?

If you really want to enjoy your device and its longevity you have to properly clean it. A clean device also means longer lifespan, so this part is crucial if you want to get your money’s worth. Doing it is really easy and you can achieve it in only 4 easy steps: 

1. Sanitize It

If your device is dirty and not cleaned up after your usage you can experience a bad odor and mold growth. In order to completely avoid that make sure you sanitize it. Never leave any water in your tank overnight since this will help bacteria to spread.

Refill the tank with fresh water each and every time before your pampering session and always empty the tank. In order to properly clean it all you have to use is a bit of water and vinegar. However, make sure you proceed with this step only once a month.

2. Mix It

Fill up your water tank with two tablespoons of vinegar and add distilled water. You can also use two spoons of lemon if you are out of vinegar, both of these options are just fine.

Add your mixture and let the steamer produce steam for 30 seconds. After that just let your mixture sit in the steamer for 10-15 minutes and let it soak all the bacteria.

3. Add Water

Empty the tank and add water to the steamer and let it steam for the next 10 minutes. This should clean out all of the vinegar or lemon residue, as well as anything else that was left in the tank.

Your cleaning process may produce some unwanted and weird odor. Continue applying water until you eliminate the bad odor, that’s when you’ll know when to stop.

4. No Tap Water

Tap water is a big no and you should always use distilled water. Also, there is no reason for you to use any type of detergents, soaps, or even brushes and sponges on your device. The steamer can clean itself on its own, only make sure you use the right substances such as distilled water and vinegar or lemon.

What You Need To Know – Q & A Section

The following text will help you with any other unanswered questions that may be bothering you. These are also the most asked questions when buying a facial steamer.

Q: Does Steaming Your Face Help Hydrate Your Skin?

A: In the shortest way possible: it does. If you do it often enough the steam will achieve many things. Your pores will be cleansed and your complexion will improve. Also, steaming helps with the blood circulation and gives you an overall glow. Your skin will look healthy, dewy, wet, and will soak up any skin products a lot easier than it did before.

Q: Does Steaming Your Face Helps With Acne?

A: Yes, and no. Steaming itself won’t do that much for your acne, while you can do a lot if your steamer comes with the 5 piece face set tool. While facial steam and your tools can extract unwanted blemishes, pimples, and acne, they cannot make them go away for good and forever.

Steaming helps with the extractions, but it doesn’t prevent the breakouts from happening over and over again. This is great news if you have some periodical breakouts every now and then, but not if you have a severe case of acne. In this case, you should visit your dermatologist and ask them for help.

Q: How Often Should You Steam Your Face?

A: Once a week should be good enough. Whenever you steam your face you are opening up your pores and letting all of the dirt come out. However, doing it too often may lead to some mild irritations. If you do it once a week you will extract all the blackheads, whiteheads, and you will leave your skin exfoliated and clean.

Q: What Should You Do After Steaming Your Face?

A: Your pores should be closed after you are done with steaming. You can apply a hydrating clay mask on top in order to remove some other unwanted toxins. Many beauty experts recommend splashing your face with cold water in order to properly close the pores and to seal the deal with a hydrating cream. 

Q: Who Shouldn’t Use Steam?

A: Women who have sensitive skin or those who have conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, skin allergies, or a severe case of acne. These skin issues could become worse when steamed and if not treated with care.

Q: Should You Add Herbs?

A: A lot of companies love to promote their steamers and show how they can be used with a lot of different herbs. Even some beauty technicians love adding oils such as lavender, peppermint, roses or something else that smells as nice in order to help you relax and enjoy the process a lot more.

However, this doesn’t really do that much in terms of moisturizing. Herbs that are added into steamers are just a nice addition since they smell nice and calming. These oils are good for a quick aromatherapy session, but they don’t achieve a lot in terms of healing the skin.

Q: How Effective Are The Steamers?

A: Some studies have shown that over 85% of people have noticed a difference in their skin. Some have even said that their texture improved and that their skin became easier to maintain.

Q: Will Your Skin Change?

A: Your skin will experience a lot of oxygen thanks to the blood flow underneath your skin. This means that your skin will heal and look a lot smoother. The results cannot be visible overnight, which is something that women often expect. You need to be patient and persistent if you want to improve your texture.


Facial steamers are very helpful and practical. Even if you are not an experienced beauty technician you will master this device, only in time and with proper instructions. If you are someone who loves facials and enjoys pampering moments then facial steamers are definitely a thing for you. If you want to save money and enjoy this handy tool at your own house you should purchase it and give it a go.

Facial steamers are not that expensive, and you can easily find them online or at some bigger stores. We’ve listed some of the best 5 facial steamers on the market at the moment that you should consider. You should also know what is it that you are looking for in a steamer and purchase the one that suits your criteria the best.

For instance, don’t buy a heavy and large steamer if you are someone who travels all the time and if you want to carry it with you. Our selected items are different in many ways and they will suit so many different needs. Facial steamers are very easy to use and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

Just make sure to properly clean them and never leave your water in the water tank since it can cause unwanted bacteria. The better you take care of them the longer they will last you.