Best Way To Exfoliate Your Face

Women love exfoliating their faces, especially with fancy products and newer ones. Doing the same beauty routine over and over again can become boring so you should definitely switch it up every once in a while.

There are several different products and ways that you can exfoliate your face. Dermatologists, as well as beauty experts, recommend this process if you are someone who wants to add some ”shine” and life to their face.

If you are eager and you want to learn more then you are at the right place!

Why Should You Exfoliate

Why Should You ExfoliateExfoliation is good for any skin type. It helps with the removal process of the dead skin cells from your outer layer. Dead skin cells happen a lot more often than you’d think so.

Interestingly enough, women experience the shedding process every 20-30 days until their thirties. At that age, the peeling process starts to slow down. Therefore, peels are a lot more recommended for older women and those who have mature skin, but everyone can do it no matter their age, skin type, or gender.

If your skin is looking uneven or dull then you should consider exfoliation. Some experts even believe that you can improve your texture if you properly exfoliate and if you do it for long enough.

Your skin can look a lot healthier, brighter, and can have the glowy youthful look if you exfoliate the right way.

How To Exfoliate

There are several different ways and techniques that you can go for, such as:

Physical Exfoliants

This is basically a product that has mostly some sugar or salt in it. These two will help with the removal process of your dead skin cells. This is a great idea for someone who is on a budget since it is an affordable option.

Physical exfoliants are usually affordable and easy to find at the drugstores. However, they can be a bit too harsh on sensitive skin types and may cause unwanted redness.

Chemical Exfoliants

If you prefer chemicals over natural remedies consider getting this type of an exfoliant. It has glycolic acid as well as salicylic acid which will help with the peel off process.

However, these are a bit more pricey and are still not the best option for sensitive skin. You should use them with caution and only if you are willing to pay up.

Electronic Face Devices

The most popular electronic face device at the moment is Clarisonic. It is loved worldwide by women of all ages! It is also easy to use and is travel-friendly. These types are powered by batteries and can range from super affordable to high-end devices.

The best part about these face brushes is that they can also be used in the shower. However, their only downside is the maintenance since they are heavy duty products.

Top 7 Tips & Tricks for Best Exfoliation

1. Dry Skin

Many women are afraid of exfoliation and exfoliation products, especially those who have dry skin. Women with this skin type should use super gentle chemical exfoliators.

Doesn’t matter if they are cheap or expensive, these are a true moisture bomb if and when used right. Just make sure to use a lot of cream after you are done with the exfoliating. Hydration is the number one priority for this type of skin.

2. Oily and Acne Problematic Skin

Women who have acne should always be on a lookout and only buy products for their skin type. Read the little labels and know what you can and cannot have. You should never use rough scrubs or anything that has some beads in the bottle.

Your possible best option is the chemical exfoliant. It should contain at least some hydroxy acids since it is good for your skin. Also, charcoal is very good for this skin type.

3. Sensitive Skin

If you get irritated easily then you should only purchase mild scrubs. Something that contains fruits, plants, or any type of natural products will suit your skin type.

Apply them with your clean hands in circular motions, never use rough brushes or devices since they will cause additional redness.

4. Normal Skin

Normal skin is the luckiest kind since it does not require much. All you will have to use is some baking soda or any product which contains it.

Also, make sure to use water-based products and you will be fine.

5. When Should You Do The Process?

You can do this as long as you are older than 14. In terms of the appliance period, you can do it either at night or in the morning.

However, many experts believe that the results will be most visible if you do it at night, so it is up to you to decide.

6. Are Bad Reactions Possible?

These are some rare cases which shouldn’t worry you. Women who have super sensitive skin can face some issues, but that is only 1% of the entire population .

7. How Often Is Okay?

  • Not too often, for sure. If your skin type is:
  • Dry: Women with dry skin can exfoliate up to 2 times per week.
  • Oily: You can exfoliate up to 5 times per week in order to tame down your oils.
  • Sensitive: Always use warm clothes and mild exfoliants and to the process only 1 or 2 a week.
  • Normal: Normal skin can exfoliate 3 times a week.

In Conclusion

As you can see, doesn’t really matter what your skin type is, since all types can exfoliate. If you’ve ever been skeptic about whether you should or shouldn’t proceed, now you have the answers. Just make sure to use proper techniques, method, tools, and products that you know will suit your skin type the best.

Make sure to use unexpired as well as approved products. Never buy something that is super cheap or that is not approved by dermatologists. Either than that, you can experiment all you want until you don’t find your ”the one” product.

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