How Often You Should Use Face Masks

Fresh Face MasksWhether you are a beauty enthusiast or just a fan of effective skin care products, you’ve probably tried using a face mask. Applying a face mask occasionally has been like a spa treatment for your skin. Since it gives your skin a soothing and calming feeling and it makes your skin smoother and softer, you want to use it more often. But, how often can you use face masks without harming your skin? Well, it depends on the purpose of the face mask, the ingredients that it contains and your skin type. Let’s discover first how face mask got its popularity and its  benefits to the skin so we can decide the best frequency. .

The Popularity of Face Mask

Before face mask became a beauty trend today, when you hear about face mask, what comes to your mind first is a mud or clay or the “wipe-off” version of masks. However, thanks to Korean skincare trends, sheet mask has been widely used now by many beauty enthusiasts.

Who wouldn’t want to have a skin as dewy and glowing as Korean’s? As Hallyu is expanding in many  parts of the world, people have been attracted to  the  young-looking and dewy skin of Korean celebrities. .

Those Korean stars, , both man and woman, own   smooth skin with no visible pores. They have a shiny (but not oily) skin that seems well-hydrated and well-nourished. You might wonder if they got it from the food that they eat which is very likely because they love vegetables and healthy food. Or, if they are born with it.

Face Mask type

Fret not. If you want to have a porcelain-like Korean skin, you can do so by following an effective skin care regime. You shouldn’t be surprised to know that most Koreans have a 15-step skin care routine. Every single day. So, that’s how they got that smooth and glowing skin. One of this 15-step regime is applying a face mask.

They use face mask daily before going to bed for 20 minutes. Sure, this might be a lot of work, especially if you usually gp home deadly tired. But hey, if face mask works for Korean skin, it might work for yours as well.

Should you apply face mask daily as well? Should it be part of your every day/night beauty routine, too? Well, let’s explore more the benefits of face mask on your skin before we decide.

Benefits of Using Face Mask

Whatever skin problems you might have right now, using a face mask can improve your skin’s condition. It is the best to include face mask in your skincare treatments because it hydrates your skin, removes excess oils and eliminates the appearance of large pores. Plus, the feeling that your skin is being pampered at the comforts of your own home. Let’s take a closer look at each benefit a face mask can give you.

1. Makes Your Skin Glow

One of the most visible results from Koreans who frequently use face masks is their glowing skin. They have an enviable translucent skin that shines without appearing oily. Their pores are almost non-existent to the naked eye.

Face masks, particularly, the drying masks can give you such skin  because it stimulates blood circulation on your face. When you apply a drying mask, the process of the mask drying and hardening on your skin, and the removal of the mask from your face increase  the activity of the blood vessels in the skin.That is the reason why, after that process , you immediately feel a softer and smoother skin and can instantly see a radiant glow on your face.

2. Give You a Younger-Looking Skin

Using face mask with active anti-aging ingredients can help fight signs of aging such as sagging skin and wrinkles. Time goes by and , your skin loses its natural firmness and elasticity,causing  your skin to lose its tightness, thus, the appearance of wrinkles and the sagging of skin.

Applying face mask will allow the anti-aging ingredients to be absorbed by your skin. This will help your skin recover its tightness and elasticity and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines in your face.

3. Hydrates Your Skin

Hydrate Your Skin

Your skin becomes dry due to many external factors: dirt, pollution, aging, or weather changes. Washing your face too frequently can be another factor. Also, the lack of essential  vitamins for the  skin to properly function is considered  the culprit. Not only does the facial dry skin irritate you but it also lowers  your confidence and self-esteem in daily communication. . That’s why you need to use a face mask in your beauty regime.

One of the fundamental functions of Face masks is  to keep the skin well hydrated. the liquid ingredients contained in face masks  will work on stabilizing the natural moisture your face needs, thenafter removing it, the excess wetness will be absorbed by the skin leaving you feeling hydrated and moisturized.

4. Deep Cleanses Your Skin

There are face masks that are widely used for exfoliation. These products contain Bentonite clay, which can be found primarily on clay face masks. When your skin is exposed to dirt, pollution and other bacteria, the small filthy particles can get stuck in the pores. If  your face is typically oily, the excess oil can get clogged in the pores as well.

These scenarios build up the accumulation of dead skin cells in the skin, particularly on your face. Face masks help soften the hardened and clogged pores, unclog the pores to make  the dirt easily removed, helping your skin be deeply cleansed.

How Often Should You Use Face Mask?

There is no definite answer for the question as it will depend on each person’s  purpose of using the face mask. Once or twice a week should be the best if the face mask is expected to primarily get a glowing and well-hydrated skin,Otherwise, if used for anti-aging and exfoliating, the face mask may be harm to your skin due to its harsh ingredients when applying more than twice per week. In such cases,  follow the instructions of your products to  reap your expected  benefits