3 Ways To Fix And Transform Asymmetrical

how to fix asymmetrical faceWhen it comes to asymmetries, a lot more people have that problem than you’d think. Although some people are not aware of that fact because, for some, it is not that noticeable (lucky them.)

But for others, who are quite aware of it, this can be a big problem which can make them feel extremely self-conscious about their appearances. While having an asymmetric face does not pose any health risks at all; many of the aspects associated with it can be corrected by some makeup tricks, special face exercises, or in the end, surgery.

Why Are Some Faces Asymmetrical?

Asymmetrical faceAsymmetrical face means that not all of your facial features are 100% aligned. Sometimes, your ear can be a little bit higher than the one on the other side, your cheeks might be on a totally different height level, or even your eyes can be misaligned.

Let’s not forget about your eyebrows, the nose, and the jawline, all of those might be somewhat disproportions. If not because of the genetics, this happens for several other reasons, such as:

1. Sun damage

People who are extremely exposed to the sun are often being damaged. Some truck drivers have more aging signs on one side of their face due to the UV rays that constantly get to their side that is closer to the window. In order to protect yourself from this, you should always use a sun cream with an appropriate SPF.

2. Injuries

Any type of an injury can create a trauma on your face. If you’ve been exposed to anything harmful you should go to the hospital to have it checked.

3. Uneven muscles

Repeatedly moving one of your muscles more than the other one will change the size of your face. Some muscles are working out more than the others, so you are ”pumping” them more.

4. Sleeping on the same side

The best way to sleep in order to prevent asymmetries is to sleep on your back. If you sleep on your side, you turn your head either left or right. This means that you will swell on one side of your face. That side also has to deal with weight from the rest of your head, resulting in more strain.

How To Fix Asymmetrical Face?

So, if you’ve found yourself in this uncomfortable zone and you wish to make yourself look more appealing, here are the best ways to fix asymmetrical face.

1. Makeup is my savior

When applied properly, makeup can be a great hack for your problem.

Here is how to fix a certain area:


eye makeupEyelids are naturally prone to puffiness and can appear heavier on one side than the other. In order to fix that, you can shade them. You can use a medium to darker brown color, and apply that shadow to the crease in a windshield wiper motion to tone down the puffiness. Always use a blending brush for this step.

If you have uneven lids, you can either maximize the smaller one or minimize the larger one. If you choose to make a lid appear larger, put a shimmery color all over your lid, and then put a nude tone pencil on the inner rim. To tone down an eyelid, apply a matte brown shadow to the lid, and finish with a dark brown pencil on both inner rims.


lips makeupIf you find your lips to be uneven, you should line them differently for a deceiving moment. Put a lipstick liner along the lines of your lips on the side you like.

Run an identical line over the other side of your lips, pulling it over the skin on your face instead of following the line of your lips. Fill in the middle with lipstick to change the way others perceive your lips.


cheeks makeupRemove unwanted skin from your jaw and chin with shading. Areas under the jawline and chin can get bloated and loose with age (unfortunately). But with highlighting and shading, you can get the shape you want, and cover those asymmetries.

To make anything recede, use a matte taupe shading powder. Blend a powder that’s couple shades deeper than your skin tone under your jawline and chin to make the look of a shadow. And voila, symmetries everywhere.


Many women are self-conscious about the shape of their nose, so to balance out an uneven nose, simply blend a matte taupe contour more heavily on the side of the nose that is fuller. You can also use put a highlight down the center of your nose to make it more balanced and pretty.

2. Exercise Time

One of a few methods is to exercise and move your face muscles a lot. We provided you with three examples:

Stretch The Face

You need to pull down your upper lip over your bottom lip in order to activate your face muscles. Elongate your face as much as you can by looking up. When you reach the highest point you need to smile a lot, and widely.

This exercise needs to be repeated 18 times.

Partial Wink

This exercise can fix the muscles of your upper cheeks and lower eyes. Partially wink one eye at the time and try to hold it for a second.

Do this about 50 times on each side. After repeating it for 50 times, use your fingers to push down the skin around your temples, and pull the fingers back for the firming effect. Hold this position and simultaneously close your eyes as tightly as you can. Repeat 20 times.

Cheek Toning

If one cheek is smaller than the other, this is what you should do to fix that: Use three fingers of both hands and press your upper cheeks and push them down toward your mouth.

While doing that, smile a lot in order for the resistance. Keep your head steady while doing this. Hold for a minute, and repeat few times a day.

3. Surgery

If everything else fails you, surgery is your last resort. People who decide to get the surgery should disclose their full medical history with the doctor. It is also crucial to choose a surgeon who is the best in this field.

Then comes along a thorough assessment of the entire face starting from the skull down to the jawline using photographs and computers to create a proper diagnosis. This needs to be done in order to figure out which procedures will be the best and most efficient for your type of a problem. The patient then gets to choose which procedures they value and think will make the biggest improvement.

Procedures are done under anesthesia and some patients might have to stay one night at the hospital just for the safety and resting measures. Some procedures require the usage of bones or implants, and others are done by more traditional surgery techniques such as fat removal, or soft tissue suspension.


So in the end, if you do feel the need to fix asymmetrical face, first try out the top two options. Makeup and these exercises should be enough for starters to switch up your mind and to make you look and feel more appealing. Make the surgery your last resort and give those tips and tricks a chance.