Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror Touch-Screen Light Control

A true savior if you are on a lookout for a travel-friendly and lightweight option. This mirror has 36 LED lights which give out a bright and neat look.

Bright Panel Lighting

Their LED light claims to work the best on the market, thanks to the 36 pieces of light. Since lights are LED you probably won’t need to replace them, ever. The mirror itself runs on AAA batteries, or you can charge it through a USB plug. This makes it functional and easy to use thanks to its dual power option.

Not only that it has got a bright LED lighting system, it also has the triple magnification option. You will get 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification. Once combined with its bright lights this mirror is definitely a full hit for those who love doing their makeup in the dark.

In case your mirror does end up having bad LED lights, or they simply stay out of power you should not be alarmed. You are set with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Not many brands offer that, therefore this mirror has taken the lead and is already showing its perks.

Product Specification

180-degree rotation: Thanks to its rotation swivel you will be able to adjust the mirror however you want it. The mirror can stand on its own and is easy to use and move around.

Magnification: It provides 3 different levels of magnification which are perfect when you are trying to achieve flawless makeup. Since it is a tri-fold mirror many women will love its compatibility as well as the fact that it allows you to enjoy every angle of your face at any given point.

Storage: For those women who love some additional space you might love the storage compartment it features. It is big enough for your jewelry, bobby pins and other smaller accessories.

Dimension & Weight: It is 11.6 x 7.6 x 3.1 inches big, and weighs around 2.2 pounds. It is not considered as a pricey option either. All of these features make this mirror the perfect travel companion. Small, light, affordable, and still functional and super bright.

Review & Conclusion

This can be a great addition to your travel bag, your car, or simply your vanity.

  • 36 LED lights
  • Dual charging power
  • Three types of magnification
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Additional storage
  • Might be too small for some women

This type of a makeup mirror is perfect for those who are constantly on the go. If you want a bold, large, and at home option, this is not it. However, it is a great choice if you like doing your makeup in the car and etc.