TOP 5 Best Makeup Mirror 2018

Applying makeup can be a little bit tricky. From getting the mascara on without clumping, to achieving the right rosy glow with your rouge, you need a little bit of skill and a little bit of help to get your look just right.

That is where a makeup mirror comes in: The right one can make it easy to see exactly how you should apply your makeup.

So what makes the best makeup mirror? Ultimately, it is the one that works best for your specific makeup needs. And while you might think that any old mirror will do for applying your makeup, the truth is that makeup mirrors have a few advantages over regular ones.

Qualities of the Best Makeup Mirrors


Perhaps its biggest advantage is the fact that a magnifying makeup mirror will give you a detailed look at your face. For example, you can get an up close look at those crow’s feet around your eyes so you can apply your concealer more effectively.

Other makeup tasks, like blending, also become easier with a larger view. Many makeup mirrors are double sided, so you can use one side for a normal view and the other side for a detailed look at your face.

The biggest consideration you need to make when purchasing a magnifying makeup mirror, whether it be a conair makeup mirror, jerdon makeup mirror, zadro makeup mirror, or any other brand, is the type of magnification you desire. A magnification of no more than 10x is usually preferable, because anything larger can distort the image.

However, extremely detailed makeup application can sometimes be easier with a larger magnification, as long as you realize that the image you see in the mirror is not completely accurate. To that end, a makeup mirror that has adjustable magnification is sometimes a good choice.

Here are a few good tips on choosing the right magnification for you.

The Right Lighting

A second advantage to a professional makeup mirror is the lighting it provides. Illuminated makeup mirrors provide lighting that is designed to eliminate the shadows from around your face.

By focusing the light on your face (instead of bouncing the light off the mirror, as the lighting in the room does), these mirrors make it easy to ensure that your rouge, or your foundation or your eyeliner is going on correctly.

In addition, makeup mirrors often provide you with different kinds of lighting so you can see how your makeup will look under a variety of circumstances. For example, some makeup mirrors provide lighting that mimics the lighting of the outdoors, that reflects lighting at different times of day, and more. The result? The ability to apply makeup with your specific destination in mind.

So what kind of lighting should you look for in a makeup mirror? LEDs are most common, often inset around the edges of the mirror (as in the ring lighted makeup mirror).

However, hollywood makeup mirrors boast light bulbs around the outside for a glamorous look. The key is to choose the mirror that matches your specific lighting (and style) needs.

Adjustable Size and Angle

Lighting and magnification may not be enough to get your makeup just right if you are looking at the mirror from the wrong angle. Plus, you want to feel comfortable throughout the application process instead of needing to hunch over to see yourself in the mirror.

To this end, the best makeup mirrors are often adjustable. For example, you should be able to adjust the height of the mirror, as well as its angle. That way, you can always comfortably get just the right view of your face.


The right magnification, lighting, and angle are not the only qualities of the best makeup mirrors. You also want a product that will be durable.

To this end, metal makeup mirrors are often preferable to plastic ones, unless you are selecting a portable makeup mirror (in that case, the lighter weight of the plastic can be an advantage).

Metal makeup mirrors tend to be heavier and sturdier than plastic ones. As a result, they are less likely to tip over if they are on a stand, and more likely to last for the long run when mounted on the wall.

And metal makeup mirrors don’t have to be ugly. Since you can purchase makeup mirrors in a wide variety of finishes and metals, you can also choose one that has a style you love.

The Right Style for You

types of makeup mirrorsThere are many types of makeup mirrors from which you can choose. The best makeup mirror for you will be the one that fits your personal style and your life.

For example, a large makeup mirror might work if you have a dressing area, but a smaller bathroom makeup mirror might work better if you only have a small space in which to work.

Here are a few specific types of makeup mirrors you might want to consider.

  • Wall mounted makeup mirrors
  • Standing makeup mirrors
  • Portable makeup mirrors
  • Large makeup mirrors
  • Hollywood makeup mirrors

Plus, when choosing your makeup mirror, do not forget to take its style into account. You want your mirror to blend into the area where you place it, and to match your own personal design style and color preferences.

TOP 5 Best Makeup Mirror Reviews 2018

With a few of the qualities of the best makeup mirrors in mind, it is time to look at a few of the makeup mirrors on the market today.

1. Illumina Two-Sided Makeup Mirror by Conair

The Illumina two-sided makeup mirror by Conair is a stylish way to improve your makeup experience. Its modern look and low price make it appealing to a wide range of people, while it’s versatile lighting and portability make it useful in a wide range of situations.Illumina by Conair Collection Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review 2018

This mirror has one side with 1x magnification, and another side that provides 5x magnification. Just flip the center mirror vertically to switch sides and get the detailed look at your face that you need.
Foldable side mirrors
With two side mirrors, you can adjust your view to look at any part of your face. The mirrors fold inward, which is useful for when you need to carry the mirror from place to place.
Adjustable lighting
This Conair makeup  mirror comes with four lighting settings of day, evening, office, and home so you can replicate the environment you will be wearing your makeup in.
Standing makeup mirror
This mirror comes with a stand that lets it sit on a table or counter.
  • Even though this Conair makeup mirror only goes up to 5x magnification, the magnified side of the mirror tends to distort the image, making it harder to accurately apply the makeup.
  • Certain lighting settings give off an orange or yellow hue instead of a bright, natural light while at other times the lighting is not quite bright enough to clearly illuminate your face.
  • The stand is not high enough to prevent the user from needing to hunch over while they apply their makeup.
  • The lights quickly become very hot, posing a fire and burn hazard.

2. Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided – Lighted Makeup Mirror

This Jerdon makeup mirror has many of the same features as the Conair mirror, with similar foldable side mirrors, and magnification of 5x. However, it adds a couple of useful features (like an outlet) and improved lighting.Jerdon Tri-Fold Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror 2018

This bedroom makeup mirror has one side with 1x magnification, and one side with 5x magnification, which is a good feature because you can easily see blemishes up close that need to be covered, discover small mistakes in your makeup, more accurately blend, etc. You can flip between the two horizontally.
Foldable side mirrors
The adjustable and foldable side mirrors allow you to get the right view for applying your makeup and turn this bedroom makeup mirror into a portable makeup mirror.
Adjustable lighting
This Jerdon makeup mirror comes with four lighting settings of day, evening, home, and office. Thanks to this feature, you can choose the lighting that matches your destination.
Cool lights
This Jerdon illuminated makeup mirror has LED lights that remain cool to the touch.
Included outlet
The electrical outlet in this mirror is useful for plugging in items such as hair dryers or curling irons, which is great if you want to style your hair in front of the mirror.
  • This mirror gets points for its brightness, but some people may find the lights to be too bright.
  • The 5x magnification comes distorted in some of these models.
  • Some people may prefer a vertical instead of a horizontal center mirror.
  • Some of the lighting settings are not realistic, in particular, the office setting gives off a glow that does not resemble the glow from actual office lighting.
  • The batteries are very difficult to replace when they go out.

3. Zadro Glamour – Vanity Mirror

More expensive than the other makeup mirrors on this list, the beautiful Zadro Glamour also offers better quality and some useful features (like its striking 12-inch round mirror and glare-free lighting).Zadro Polished Nickel Surround Light Dual Sided Glamour Vanity Mirror Review 2018

This round makeup mirror flips to provide both 1x and 5x magnification so you can complete both regular hair and face care and more detailed makeup application.
This Zadro makeup mirror is 12 inches across, a great feature if you want to see your whole face at once.
Made of polished nickel, this mirror looks good in any room and adds a touch of elegance to any vanity table.
This makeup mirror weighs 12 pounds and is sturdy, durable, and solid.
Bright light with dimmer
The bright light in this makeup mirror can be dimmed with a switch to replicate darker environments.
Glare free
The light is bright enough and even enough to banish shadows and prevent uncomfortable glare that might keep you from successfully applying your makeup.
  • Not portable: This Zadro makeup mirror is too heavy and large to be portable, which might not make it the best choice if you need to apply makeup on the go.
  • No lighting settings: While the lighting is dimmable, there are no specific day/night, office/home lighting settings from which to choose.
  • Short: This makeup mirror may be uncomfortable to use if you put it on a table that is so low you have to hunch over to apply your makeup.

4. BeautyWorks – Large Makeup Mirror:

Portability and a great warranty make the BeautyWorks makeup mirror stand out. A round mirror designed for easy and accurate makeup application anywhere, it promises good lighting and convenience.Backlit Makeup Vanity Mirror Touch-Screen Light Control Review 2018

Bright lighting
The 36-piece LED tape lighting around the edges gives light bright enough to see clearly while you apply your makeup without being so bright that it hurts your eyes.
Three magnification options
 This mirror has 1x magnification in the center panel, 2x in the top left panel, and 3x in the bottom left panel. This feature is good for letting you select the right magnification for your needs.
This mirror swivels on its stand 180 degrees so you can choose the angle you want as you inspect your face or apply your makeup.
Jewelry compartment
A storage compartment in the base is ideal for storing jewelry or other small items.
Power choices
You can use batteries or plug in this illuminate makeup mirror, which is convenient when you are traveling and do not always have access to an outlet.
Foldable sides
These foldable sides add to this makeup mirror’s portability.
Lifetime warranty
The lifetime warranty on this makeup mirror can help you feel confident that any problems you run into will be dealt with promptly.
  • This makeup mirror is not dimmable nor are the lighting settings adjustable, making it harder to replicate what your makeup will look like when you get to your destination.
  • The magnification panels on the left side are too small to easily examine your face.
  • The stand is not adjustable, which could make it difficult to comfortably apply your makeup.

5. Terresa – Iluminated Makeup Mirror

Inexpensive, the Terresa illuminated makeup mirror might be a good choice for people on the go. Natural lighting, light weight, and a detachable magnification mirror add to its convenience as an affordable travel mirror.Terresa LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Round 10x Magnifying Mirror Review 2018

Bright light
The LED lights mimic the brightness of light during the day.
Small and lightweight, this makeup mirror is easy to carry anywhere.
The mirror adjusts 180 degrees so you can get the right angle for applying your makeup.
The least expensive mirror on the list, this is easy on the wallet.
Detachable magnification mirror
This makeup mirror comes with a detachable 10x magnification mirror that you can place anywhere on the mirror to achieve the right magnification for your grooming needs.
USB charging
Convenient and easy charging makes this makeup mirror easy to use.
  • This mirror may be too small for some people to comfortably use.
  • The lighting is not adjustable.
  • 10x magnification may be too much for some users.

When it comes to the best makeup mirror in our list, the clear winner is the Zadro Glamour mirror. This mirror’s large size, glare free LED lighting, beautiful appearance, and bright natural lighting offer a reliable way to apply your makeup.

Unlike some of the other mirrors on the list, its magnification is clear and undistorted, while its lighting is bright and untinted, and its appearance is as high quality as its construction. Lighting, magnification, beauty, and durability are all qualities the best makeup mirrors should have, and the Zadro mirror has it in spades, making it a good choice for anyone wanting a better experience applying makeup and completing their beauty routine.