BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror LED Lights Review

A great beginner friendly option. This mirror is very inexpensive while providing awesome brightness thanks to its 21 LED lights.

Three Magnification Levels

BESTOPE-Magnifying-Adjustable-Rotation-CountertopMany women who are keen on details will love its different magnification options. There are 1X/2X/3X magnification options which you will enjoy when doing details on your face.

Perfect for applying makeup, shaving or waxing some unwanted facial hair, or tweezing your eyebrows. There are also the 3 panels that help with the magnifying of the face, as well as a wide angle view that lets you see your face clearly.

The mirror can also flip if you are trying to do someone else’s makeup or if they are going to do it themselves. It comes in either white or lovely rose gold color options.

Bright LED Light

Its loved and highly talked about feature is the 21 pieces of LED lights. These will light up even the darkest room and provide the much-needed brightness. These pieces are adjustable and can be turned on by a sensor switch. Just touch the sensor and hold your finger on it for a few seconds.

Know that for the perfect lighting you need to connect the mirror to its base. All you got to do is snap it a little harder and it will work. Bulbs are very light and powerful, however, they cannot be replaced. On the other hand, they shouldn’t burn out at all since they are LED lights. Still, make sure you handle the mirror with caution.

Product Specification

High quality: The mirror is made out of premium coatings that protect the surface. Looks sleek, is polished, and comes in different colors. The glass is sturdy and the mirror can be folded easily.

180-degree rotation: This mirror can stand on your counter or your vanity on its own and has got a perfect viewing angle. You can move it around at 180 degrees and enjoy at any given situation.

Double power supply: It can easily be charged with either 4 AAA batteries, or with the USB cable. Batteries do not come in the set while you get a USB wire. The mirror cannot store the power itself and should be plugged into a wall if it is not running on batteries.

Dimension and weight: The mirror is 12.8 x 8.3 x 3.5 inches big and weighs around 2.2 pounds. It is not heavy at all, but it is quite big. If you have some additional space in your suitcase you might be able to carry it with you.

Review & Conclusion

A handy mirror that has a lot to offer.

  • 21 LED lights
  • 3 different magnification levels
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Very affordable
  • Dual charging option
  • Bulbs cannot be replaced if they break
  • Batteries for the mirror do not come in the set

Overall it is a good option for your home. Why for your home? Even if you ignore the fact that it is a little too big (12 inches) there is still that possibility of breaking the lights. Storing it and carrying carefully might not be efficient each and every time.