Illumina by Conair Collection Two-Sided Lighted

Conair mirrors are known as super sturdy and perfect for traveling. This Illumina Conair mirror is a great foldable makeup mirror, and it is practical thanks to its two sides.

Light System

Illumina by Conair Collection Two-Sided Lighted Makeup Mirror Review 2018If you are a fan of switching up your looks, lights, and your vanity you are going to love this mirror. It can easily adjust to any surrounding, look chic, and still be functional. Very easy to navigate and use as well. Has got some unique options, such as the 4 different light settings.

There is either the day option (which you will probably use the most), then the evening mode, office, and at home option. The office mode is perfect for those women who are going to carry this mirror with them and set it up at their workspace.

The light is powered by two bulbs ( white and blue) on each side. You will need to repurchase these bulbs every here and there once they stop working. Just make sure that you always get the 20 watts type.

Three Panels

If you are a fan of different angles as well as side-viewing you are going to love this specification. You can see every angle of your face and safely close all three panels once you are done with your usage.

You can also carry the mirror everywhere with you since it is safe and protected once properly closed. You also get a clear viewing with this mirror, as well as the x5 magnification.

Product Specification

Bulbs: When you purchase the mirror you will get 2 white and 2 blue light bulbs. Both at 20W which is perfect for this mirror. However, be careful with them since they can heat up super fast after being left on for too long.

Plug in: You might love this mirror specifically since it doesn’t demand any batteries. You won’t need any additional chargers either, only the nearest outlet. The mirror easily stands on its own and can be placed anywhere where you want it to. The cord is 5 ft. long which is more than enough for your bathroom, bedroom, or your office.

Dimensions and weight: This mirror is 13.5 x 11 x 3.5 inches big. Weighs around 4 pounds which is considered as a light option. It is practical if you are going to carry it from one room to another, and if you are going to strategically pack it before you go on your trip. You can get the mirror in either plain white color or in a vibrant cheetah print option.

Review & Conclusion

This is definitely a practical mirror that has a lot of its perks.

  • Two-sided
  • Has 5x magnification
  • 4 different light settings
  • Three panels with wide angle viewing
  • Lightbulbs are included
  • The fact that it needs to be plugged into a wall may bother you or be inconvenient if no outlet is near
  • The bulbs warm up after left on for too long

All in all, it is a practical solution if you love lightweight two-sided mirrors. It isn’t expensive either and will suit those women who love adjustable lighting options.