KEDSUM 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror Review

Great mirror with an adjustable height option that many women will love. It is very high while still being surprisingly lightweight. Easy to stand on its own and to carry around from one place to another.

High & Lightweight

KEDSUM 10X Magnifying Lighted Makeup Mirror ReviewThis mirror is 12.8″-15.7” tall, meaning that you can adjust it per your preference. However, it weighs only 0.98 pounds and measures 6.9 inches diameter. The mirror itself measures 5 inches diameter and is the perfect travel-friendly option.

Looks very sleek and can be bought in two different colors. You can carry it from one room to another and adjust per your height, preference, or even your chair height. Made out of plastic which makes it hard to break, while still being unbelievably sturdy.

Great Light System

It has a 24 bright LED vanity ring light that will help you with your makeup. As expected, it has a 10x magnification that every woman will enjoy when grooming or fixing up her eyebrows, as well as when blending her foundation down to her neck.

The bright LED ring light helps you do your makeup in the dark and makes it look very professional. Thanks to its bright lights and a nice magnifying option, this mirror is the perfect option for women who have some eyesight issues.

Also, it has amazing LED bulbs that have got a lifetime energy stored up in them.

Mirror Specification

Magnification: The 360-degree design will help you move around the mirror without moving your head too much. However, know that this is not a double sided mirror. This kind of mirror is a one-sided mirror with 10X magnification, which may suit only those who don’t mind this amount of magnification. Usually, mirrors come with two different magnification options on each side.

Charging: You can control the mirror with the help of 3 AAA batteries ( these do not come in the set), or you can charge it via the USB port. It has a great dual charging option which many will appreciate, especially when traveling.

Tray: The mirror also has got a detachable crystal clear organizer tray base. You actually get quite a lot for the price point, you just got to know if it is for you and if you will make some use out of it.

Review & Conclusion

This mirror is very handy and practical while, however, being suitable for only one group of women.

  • Super lightweight, weighs only 0.98 pounds
  • Travel-friendly
  • Hard to break
  • Dual charge option
  • The LED bulbs have got a great lifespan
  • Only one sided, at 10x magnification view
  • Batteries do not come in the set

If you are someone who is on a lookout for a great and lightweight mirror this is it. However, know that you are only getting one functional side. Many women might find that the 10x magnification is too much for them. If you have some eyesight problems this may be the right solution for you. If not, ask yourself is the 10x magnification something you really need.