MCS 15.5×21.5 Inch Wall Mirror Review

For those who are on a lookout for more of a trendy and unique mirror, the MCS one may be it. This is the perfect bedroom, bathroom, or living room option since it looks chic and high end.

Sleek and Stylish

MCS 15.5x21.5 Inch Wall Mirror ReviewThis type of a mirror is mostly spotted at some fancy homes and restaurants. Looks stylish and unique thanks to its large measurements and a lovely frame.

There are four different colors that you can purchase. Stunning and easy to pair white one, gray, black, or bronze.

Any of these will look perfect no matter the room you end up placing it in. However, the white mirror will complement the bathroom the best, keep that in mind.


Definitely functional and beautiful, without being too heavy and without feeling like a bargain. The frame of it may look like wood, but it is actually not. This is some good news since wood is heavy.

Anyways, this frame is made from plastic which is a lot easier to hang and to work with than wood. Also, the back of this mirror is a kraft paper which has 4 attached D rings that will help with the hanging process of the mirror.

Luckily, you can choose the way you want to hang it and either go vertically or horizontally.

Product Specification

Hooks: Since you will be nailing it against the wall you will be needing all the right tools. You do get a set of hooks and hangers in the set, all you got to do is find some screws and nails at your home.

Large Frame: It is considered as a large mirror that should be mount down to a wall. Better be prepared for that process and some drilling action. You need to place it on your wall or in/on your closet. It cannot serve you as a vanity table option.

Dimension & Weight: Overall measurements are 21.5 inches x 27.5 inches in size. However, its reflection measurements are 15.5 inches x 21.5 inches. The mirror weighs about 8 pounds and should not be carried around too much since it is not practical. Once you set it up in one room you should let it stay there.

Review & Conclusion

A large mirror with a unique style. Comes in several different colors and is the perfect accessory for a stylish home.

  • Comes in several different colors
  • Made out of plastic & glass, therefore not as heavy
  • Comes with hooks
  • Has got a large frame, meaning that you can look at yourself clearly
  • Doesn’t demand any lights, bulbs, outlets, or batteries
  • Can’t be moved around a lot
  • Needs to me mount down to a wall
  • Is a bit heavy

This is one of those mirrors that will fulfill its purpose at classy homes. It is a functional piece, but a stylish one as well. Brings class and looks sleek if incorporated properly into the interior.