Ovente SmartTouch Cool, Warm, Daylight LED Lighted Mirror Review

A lovely oval-shaped mirror that will let you see even the ”ugliest” truth. You can choose between three different light options just with a touch of your finger and enjoy your makeup on different levels.

The Design

Ovente SmartTouch Cool, Warm, Daylight LED Lighted Mirror ReviewOvente makes the loveliest mirrors and the ones that are hard to resist. This model, in particular, comes in three different colors that you can pick out. There is either the copper color, nickel brushed option or oil rubbed bronze color.

You can also choose the magnification level you want to get. There is the 1x/5x magnification or 1x/7x magnification. Based on your preference and your eyesight you can choose your desired color and the magnification level.

Three Different Light Options

This mirror uses LED lights that mimic the daylight the best. It is easy to configure and it even offers three different settings. You can choose either cool, natural, or warm LED light tones when doing your makeup. Either one of these options is practical and looks stunning, but they are all so different and unique in their own way.

A great thing about these lights is that they are produced by LED lights and not bulbs, meaning that they can live the longest. No need to switch up and change your bulbs every here and there either, which is a great thing since you are saving some money.

Simply set up your preferred lighting option by touching and pressing onto the screen. Once you get bored with the same option switch onto another.

Mirror Specification

Magnification: The mirror has got a unique 360-degree wiring and rotation option. You can easily view yourself through the 8.5” viewing space. On one side there is the 1x magnification and on the other either 5x, or 7x magnification, based on your preference.

Distortion free: This mirror is distortion free which means that it won’t change the shape of your image. However, you must be about 4 inches close to the mirror if you want to get the best and most accurate makeup results.

Weight: The mirror weighs about 3.6 pounds which is not considered as the best travel-friendly option.

Charging: When it comes to its charging, it is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included in the set. You can also charge it via an AC adapter thanks to its dual charging option. You might want to change and repurchase new batteries every 20 days, but this varies based on the usage you are getting out of the mirror.

Review & Conclusion

Ovente really made a great and sturdy option, as well as a stylish one.

  • Comes in three different colors and you can choose your magnification level
  • Has three different lighting options
  • Dual power charging
  • 360-degree rotation
  • You will need to repurchase batteries every here and there
  • Is really heavy, only suitable for use at your house

This is a great mirror for those women who love to play around with their light options and who have some eyesight problems since the magnification level will suit them the best. You can easily set it up at your house and enjoy its LED powers.