Ovonni Lighted Vanity Makeup Hollywood Mirror Review

Lovely, huge, and bright makeup mirror for your vanity. It has 9 LED bulbs and can be controlled with the touch of your finger.

Natural and Bright Lighting

Ovonni Lighted Vanity Makeup Hollywood Mirror ReviewYou can have a proper makeup setup with this mirror. It features 9 LED bulbs that are perfect when getting ready for the night out.

They are easy to adjust and you can choose either the warm light or daylight setting options and choose your wanted brightness. The bulbs can be replaced for free if they end up breaking ever in the future.

However, that should not happen since they have an amazing 50,000 hours lifespan. Also, know that these lights run on the USB charger. It needs to be plugged into a wall so it can run.

Smart Touch

Nice addition to the mirror. It has a smart touch option as well as a control design and a memory function. With the help of a sensor, you can turn it on or off and adjust the brightness as well.

Since it has got a smart memory function it will put the LED lights back in their previous brightness mode, the one that they were on before being switched off. This is a square shaped mirror that looks stunning on its own, and especially thanks to the smart sensor accessory and 9 bulbs.

Product Specification

Charing System: It only charges via a USB cable. This is a good news if you are not into constantly repurchasing batteries. However, you will need a handy and nearby outlet for every usage. It does come with a USB cable, but the power adapter is not included.

180-degree rotation: This rotation makes the mirror super easy and handy to use. You can fix it at any given angle and at any position you wish. This will make your whole makeup experience a lot easier.

Dimension & Weight: This model is 14.6 x 16.9 x 3.9 inches big and it weighs 6.79 pounds. It is a big, hefty mirror, that you will need to set up in your bedroom or at your vanity. A little harder to move around and to bring with you, but perfect at home option. You can get it in either silver or black color options and use at any point of the day.

Review & Conclusion

This is a big, sturdy, and practical mirror for your makeup corner. Also, it is considered as a pricey option.

  • Bright lighting
  • 9 LED bulbs
  • Has got a smart touch option
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Comes in different colors
  • Is not travel-friendly
  • Weighs a lot and is only suitable for at home use
  • Can only be charged via USB cable

Seems like there is a lot of cons for this product, which is not entirely true. It is a good mirror, just not the best if you are on a lookout for some specific features. This one is good at what it does if and when used at your home, next to an outlet. In other circumstances, it may not be the best option.