Terresa LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Round 10x Magnifying Mirror Review

Lovely LED makeup mirror that features 10x magnification. It is described as a great travel buddy that features soft and natural lightening.

10x Magnifying Mirror

Terresa LED Lighted Makeup Mirror with Round 10x Magnifying Mirror Review 2018Many women might find this feature appealing and different. The Terresa LED mirror has got a detachable small magnifying mirror.

This small mirror is round and has got a 10x magnification option. You can use this smaller mirror when doing your eyebrows or you can even carry it with you wherever you go.

Light System

The mirror is very good at recreating the suns natural bright soft light. You just need to place your finger at the front circle in order to dim or brighten the lights. There is either the on or off button that you can adjust.

A short press will turn the light on or off, while the longer touch will adjust the brightness for you. However, make sure that your button is pushed all the way before you start doing your makeup.

Also, keep in mind that the mirror has got an auto shut off option. This means that if no actions are taken in 15 minutes that it will turn off. It rotates at 180 degrees as well.

Product Specification

Battery: Powered by 4 AA batteries as well as a USB charger. You will enjoy its dual power supply at either your home or when traveling. However, try going with the USB port more often. This way you are prolonging the batteries lifetime. Also, know that these batteries do not come in the set while you do get a cord.

Trifold design: If you love trifold mirrors you will enjoy this one. Provides different angles that you will need when doing your beauty routine. It also has got a durable and a stable base. This base makes the mirror stand on its own on either your vanity or anywhere where you decide to put it (flat surface of course).

Dimension & Weight: Shockingly small and lightweight. It is only 8.8 x 0.8 x 6.4 inches in size and weighs 1 pound. This makes it perfect for carrying even up on an airplane.

Review & Conclusion

Cute lightweight and suitcase-friendly option.

  • Detachable small mirror
  • 10x magnification
  • Auto shut off option
  • 180-degree rotation
  • Dual charging
  • Lightweight and small
  • Some women might think it is too small
  • Does not come with batteries

You can definitely take this LED Mirror with you on your trip. Easy to use and navigate, as well as to use at home, if you don’t mind more petite options.